Company history

Promosweets was founded in 1997 by Fred and Miriam van Tienen. Fred had been working for years in the confectionery industry at, among others, the family company VTS Sugarworks and later at Red Band-Venco.

Promosweets started in a small business hall in Lage Mierde. The core business was then to produce promotional peppermint rolls with their own logo or text. In the years that followed, the company gained momentum and became a professional player in the promotional market. In addition, a range has been developed for Wholesale and Retail under the Pep-Dex brand.

Modern location

In 2003 the company moved to the current building in Bladel. This modern location fully meets all the requirements of Dutch food authority for “food safe production” of confectionery.

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Promotional assortment

Promosweets, in cooperation with Oscar van der Made of Intersweets, took over the well-known peppermint packages in 2004, which is a clear reinforcement of the promotional assortment.

Promotional products

Great expansion

The following years the assortment has been expanded with a number of children’s items such as dextrose fruit hearts, dextrose lollies and twistrolls. A series of sugar-free products has also been developed.
Sugar-free products

The Organic Factory B.V.

In 2011 the next big step was taken. Fleur Products from Weert was taken over with Arnold Broek. This company is now located in the same building as Promosweets and produces organic sweets, such as hard-boiled sweets, gums without gelatine, peppermint and sweet liquorice, under the name The Organic Factory BV.

Promosweets currently produces more than 20 different types of compressed confectionery with its employees.