Raw materials


Dextrose is better known as glucose or ‘’grape sugar’’. Dextrose is a natural product that immediately supplies extra energy. This extra energy is released because the dextrose is quickly absorbed by the intestinal wall and is being burnt in the cells. Dextrose is a kind of sugar which is also suitable for diabetics.

Source: Wageningen university

No pigment

Several pigments in food products are disputable because they may cause hyper activity problems with children. Pep-Dex does not contain pigments and is there for an acceptable sweet for big and small.

When producing Pep-dex we carefully deal with choosing the raw material. Dextrose supplies extra energy at any moment of the day. The fruit rolls contain vitamin C and no pigments are added to our products.

Vitamin C

The fruit tastes of Pep-dex contain vitamin C. Vitamins are essential for well-functioning of the human body and crucial for a fit and healthy body. Also for recovery after disease. To our body it does not matter if vitamins are natural or synthetic. The minimal quantity of vitamin C is 10 mg. The advised daily quantity is 70 mg. One roll of Pep-dex with fruit taste contains 100% of the advised daily quantity.

Consuming more vitamin C is not harmful for the body. Too much vitamin C will be excreted through urine.

Source: TNO